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BLIIoT 4G SMS Environmental Monitoring RTU Gateway Introduction

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Author : Jerry Chen
Update time : 2023-11-03 15:59:56


Data collection and transmission are very important for environmental protection companies to analyze and make decisions, and real-time data collection can improve the execution of environmental protection production, thereby taking more timely and efficient measures. Therefore, real-time data collection RTU has become one of the necessary products for environmental protection enterprises.

Product Description

In the process of promoting the upgrade of the Internet of Things in the environmental protection industry, environmental monitoring RTU plays an important role in environmental protection. To this end, BLIIoT has many years of experience in research and development of the Internet of Things and other aspects, and independently developed and launched the "BLIIoT 4G Environmental Monitoring RTU", which is an Environmental monitoring dedicated product that integrates 4G Environmental monitoring IoT gateways, programmable logic control PLC, and I/O data acquisition modules. RTU has the characteristics of ultra-high stability and extremely high cost performance, meeting various application needs.


BLIIoT 4G Environmental Monitoring RTU S275 is developed and designed based on 4G LTE communication technology, stable and reliable 32-bit high-performance microprocessor MCU, and UCOSII embedded real-time operating system. It is specially developed for automation, Internet of Things and other applications with programmable features. The RTU of the controller function has programmable control, regular data reporting, data change reporting, remote reverse control and other functions. It is widely used in IoT fields such as smart environmental protection, smart water conservancy, smart agriculture, and smart fire protection.

The internal integrated wireless communication module supports 2G, 3G, 4G, supports 485, I/O acquisition, supports MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RTU over TCP, MQTT, and barium rhenium IoT RTU communication protocols to realize the collection, storage, display, and control of environmental protection data. , alarm and transmission and other comprehensive functions.


4G Environmental Monitoring RTU S275 Application diagram

Hardware interface

Core functions

Collect data: Collect interface data such as serial port, analog input, switch input and output of environmental protection equipment.

Image video: used to shoot video images of various monitoring environments, and transmit the data to the server or platform through the 4G network, which can monitor the on-site conditions of key areas of the user's environment in real time.

Programmable logic control: Local logic control of the device, based on monitoring switch input and analog value thresholds, linkage relay output.

Timer function: supports scheduled automatic reporting, scheduled SMS daily report, scheduled online, scheduled offline, scheduled restart, scheduled execution relay output and other functions.

Communication method: Various environmental sensor data collected can be sent to various IoT cloud platforms through 4G through 0-20mA/4-20mA/0-5V/RS485, and the data can be displayed on human-machine interfaces such as HMI through 485. .

Data viewing: Users can remotely view data through APP, WeChat, SMS, phone, cloud platform or mobile browser, and the data can also be sent to the server of the corresponding environmental protection department for analysis and processing.

Remote management function: supports remote parameter configuration and firmware upgrade, enabling remote configuration and maintenance of RTU, reducing maintenance costs and improving product use experience.

Product appearance: It adopts industrial-grade metal shell and adopts a complete anti-drop mechanism to ensure that it is permanently online. The powerful communication interface can realize efficient data collection, storage, display, control, alarm and transmission functions.

High temperature resistance, wide voltage design: power supply DC9~36V, high temperature resistance -45~+85ºC. It can adapt to a variety of industrial environments and operate normally 24 hours a day. It is specially designed for industrial application scenarios with poor signals in harsh outdoor environments.

Technical Parameters

Basic Function IO acquisition, programmable logic control, wireless upload, protocol conversion
Interface DI, AI, DO, RS485, temperature and humidity output
Data Upload Method 2G/3G/4G, RS485
Parameter Settings Local serial port settings, remote parameter settings
A/D Acquisition 0-20mA/4-20mA/0-5V
Remote Maintenance Remote management, configuration and firmware upgrade
Collection Accuracy Temperature and humidity input: 0.5% Analog input: 0.1%
Backup Battery 3.7V/900mA, supports power-off alarm
Storage Built in 32G SD card, capable of storing up to 100,000 historical records
Acquisition Resolution Temperature&Humidity input: 16Bit Analog input: 12Bit


BLIIoT independently develops various models of environmentally friendly RTU products S27x series, a variety of DI, AO, DO signal types, Ethernet, 4G and other communication methods, supporting temperature and humidity output. Built-in programmable logic control function and timer function. Through the data collection and control of the BLIIoT Environmental Monitoring RTU, a series of purposes such as optimizing energy consumption, improving processes, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs can be achieved.

Next, we will introduce you to several common application scenarios.


Pollution source monitoring

In the pollution source online automatic monitoring system, the BLIIoT 4G Environmental Monitoring RTU plays an important role in data connection and communication. It can connect various sensors, actuators and other environmental protection equipment to realize data collection, transmission and control. For example, the smoke and dust online monitoring system collects flue gas monitoring information such as desulfurization, denitrification, and dust, and implements statistical analysis functions.




Farm monitoring

BLIIoT 4G Environmental Monitoring RTU collects CO (carbon monoxide), H2S (hydrogen sulfide), O2 (oxygen), ammonia, air temperature and humidity, light, soil temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide, etc., and controls fans, light bulbs, and wireless data transmission to platform. It can be widely used in monitoring the environment of various farms such as pigs, chickens, ducks, cattle, geese, and sheep.



Greenhouse monitoring

In the application of environmental monitoring in smart greenhouses, it mainly collects and monitors illumination, air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, soil pH, carbon dioxide, etc., and controls roller shutters, fans, etc.



Industrial wastewater treatment monitoring

The wastewater remote monitoring system consists of a control center and remote control terminals RTU at hundreds of monitoring points scattered in various departments of the factory. The RTU regularly transmits the data of the monitoring point (including the discharged wastewater flow value, wastewater treatment equipment operating time, etc.) to the control center through the 4G network, enters it into the database, and accumulates the entered discharged wastewater flow value and wastewater treatment equipment operating time in real time. . In addition, the control center monitoring personnel can check the actual operation status of various monitoring points scattered in the factory at any time.


Environmental monitoring and control

4G Environmental Monitoring RTU can connect to monitor environmental environmental data such as carbon dioxide, PM2.5, rainfall, wind direction, wind speed, noise, light, air pressure, temperature and humidity, and upload the data to the cloud platform for analysis and display. Based on these data, environmental monitoring, early warning and control can be achieved, such as automatically alarming when CO2 concentration exceeds the standard, adjusting the ventilation system to improve indoor air quality, etc.



Smart Meter Reading

Traditional meter reading relies on manual work, which has large errors, is not timely, and has high labor costs, which has greatly hindered the informatization process of the water and electricity industry. In the factory, it mainly collects electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, etc., and controls air conditioners, lights, exhaust fans and other equipment. 4G Environmental Monitoring RTU can remotely view the energy consumption of the factory and automatically control the energy-consuming equipment of the factory to save energy and reduce emissions.


All in all, wherever there are sensor and device data signal outputs, 4G Environmental Monitoring RTU can be configured and connected. 4G Environmental Monitoring RTU has a wide range of applications in real-time control, data collection, industrial automation and other fields. BLIIoT provides real-time, efficient and reliable data transmission and integration solutions for various industries, improving production efficiency and management levels.

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