Industrial IoT

MQTT Gateways

IIoT Distributed I/O System

Modbus Gateways

Rugged Ethernet I/O

MQTT IOy Ethernet IO

PLC IoT Gateways

OPC UA Gateways

4G IIoT Industrial Routers

BLIoTLink Soft Gateway

JAE1939 Gateways

SNMP Gateways

Industrial Automation

I/O System

OPC UA Gateways


Rugged Ethernet I/O

EtherCAT Gateways

IOy Ethernet I/O

Ethernet/IP Gateways

RS485 IO Modules

Industrial Network Switches

Waterproof Distribution Box

Smart Building

BACnet Gateways

BL207 BACnet/IP I/O System

BACnet/IP IOy Ethernet IO

BA210 BACnet/IP I/O System

Energy Grids

IEC104 Gateways

IEC104 IOy Ethernet IO

BE210 IEC104 I/O System

IEC61850 Gateways

ARM Embedded Computer

EdgeCOM BL300

ARMxy BL330

ARMxy BL340

ARMxy BL410


Cellular M2M IoT RTU

4G Edge Routers

SMS Controller Alarm

LoRa Solutions

Special Cellular RTU

IoT Platform
Custom R&D

Protocol Converters


Transducers Meters

4G Security Alarm

M Series I/O Boards


PLC IoT Solutions

Agriculture IoT

Smart Factory IoT

Smart City IoT

Smart Water IoT

Smart Power IoT

Smart Medical IoT

Environmental IoT

Smart Traffic IoT

Smart Mine IOT

Smart Building IoT

Smart Oil Field

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Profinet to Modbus Gateway

BLIIoT Realize PLC Remote Upload and Download

May 17th, 2023 World Business Intelligence Industry Expo ended perfectly!

Welcome Mr. Chen from Malaysia to visit Shenzhen Beilai Technology Co., Ltd. to exchange professional knowledge related to the Internet of Things

BLIIoT BLRMS Remote Management System Copyright

BLIIoT LoRa Wireless Data Acquisition System Copyright

BLIIoT Industrial IoT Edge Computing Gateway Copyright

BLIIoT attending SIAF Exhibition in 2023

Guangzhou International Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition (SIAF) will be held in March 2023!

IoT News

Replacing S7-300 with an ARM Based EdgeCOM

Why IoT Gateway is the Key to Industrial Automation

What is the Function of an Industrial IoT Gateway?

Function introduction and application of DLT645 and Modbus gateway

Unlock Peripheral Device Connectivity and Control- I/O Modules, What you must know?

May 22-25, Automate2023 in Detroit

Don't Miss the Automation Show in Detroit May 22-25, 2023

What are the functions of 4G/5G edge computing routers in the intelligent trash can monitoring system?

Perfect Compatibility Analysis of BL102 IoT Gateway and ThingsBoard Cloud Platform

What roles do 4G/5G Edge Computing Gateways play in the development of Smart Properties?

IoT Applications

Modbus to BACnet/IP Gateway BA100 for BAS Buliding Automation System

BACnet Protocol: building a communication bridge for smart buildings

BE107 PLC Protocols Modbus to IEC104 Gateway in Grid Control Systems

BE104 BACnet Modbus to IEC104 Gateway in Smart Grid Integration

BE103 DL/T645 Modbus to IEC104 Gateway in Power System Monitoring

BLIIoT Multi-protocol to BACnet gateway BA110

Air Conditioning Protocols to BACnet Gateway for BMS

BLIIoT | BACnet Gateway BA107 Converts Multiple PLCs to BACnet

BACnet Gateway BA102 Convert DL/T645, IEC 104 to BACnet

BACnet Router BA101 for Building Management System

Upcoming Products

BLIIOT BL125 Modbus to CC-LINK TSN Gateway

BLIIoT BL124KN KNX to EtherNet/IP Gateway

BLIIOT BL124LK Lonworks to EtherNet/IP Gateway

BLIIOT BL124BN BACnet to EtherNet/IP Gateway

BLIIOT BL124DN DNP3.0 to EtherNet/IP Gateway

BLIIOT BL124EN IEC61850 to EtherNet/IP Gateway

BLIIOT BL124DT DLT645 IEC104 to EtherNet/IP Gateway

BLIIOT BL124PK Power-Link to EtherNet/IP Gateway

BLIIoT BE101 IEC104 to DLT645 Gateway

BLIIOT BL124CN CANOPEN JAE1939 to EtherNet/IP Gateway

Other Info

Problem: S266 indicator LED light is off (applicable to all King Pigeon devices)

Popular IoTSolution

DAM124 oil temperature monitoring system

Battery Monitoring IoT

Power Monitoring IOT

Temp. Monitoring System

BLIIoT Platform

BLIIoT Cloud Platform

BLIIoT Online Demo


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Agriculture IoT

Agricultural Greenhouse Remote Monitoring

Irrigation system IoT Solutions

Wireless IoT module is applied to the flat chicken house weighing scheme

RTU 5028 farm power failure monitoring

S272+RTU5020 honey farming environment monitoring

D223 farm material tower weighing monitoring

S27X automatic planting monitoring system for soilless cultivation

Smart Factory IoT

Temperature Humidity Remote Monitoring Solutions reference

Factory Temperature Monitoring IoT Solutions

Sensor Meter to Cloud IoT Solutions

Sensor to cloud meter data acquisition and monitoring system

PLC Remote Monitoring Solutions

S280 PLC wireless remote acquisition RS485 serial port data scheme

Air Compressor Central Air Conditioner Remote Monitoring IoT Solution

Temperature and humidity monitoring solution

Single Point Temperature Monitoring IoT Solution

Multiple Points Temperature IoT Solutions

Air Conditioner Remote Monitoring

Smart Factory Safety Remote Monitoring Solution

Intelligent ATM Solution

S150 ATM machine anti-theft alarm monitoring system

S47X temperature and humidity sensor solar monitoring system

Wind Power Plant Remote Monitoring

Solar Remote Monitoring System

Contact Us

Contact Us

Smart Power IoT

S150 generator oil consumption monitoring and switch control

King Pigeon Small Battery Pack Monitoring System BMS110

Remote Automation

Power IoT Solutions

S257 used in air conditioning electric energy monitoring system

Power Distribution Cabinet IoT Solutions

S257 pump station remote wireless monitoring

IoT Solution for BMS Battery Remote Monitoring System

King Pigeon BTS Monitoring & Site Security Solution

S475 BTS base station power equipment remote monitoring

BTS Monitoring System

S475+ wind power monitoring

About Us

About Us


IoT Partners


History of BLIIOT

Smart City IoT

D223 tourist attraction gate data acquisition and monitoring

Environmental IoT

Noise Meansurement IoT Solutions

Smart Traffic IoT

S261 fresh transport vehicle monitoring

Smart Water IoT

S130 remote control water pump on/off valve system

IoT Solution for Flow Meters with IoT100 and KPIIOT Cloud Platform

S280+WT-05+ Reservoir Dam Safety Monitoring

[Problem]: RTU5027 / RTU5020 connect to cloud platforms Ver3.0, Frequent offline

Cellular RTU IoT Gateways can not communicate with the BLIIOT Cloud Platform.

Smart Medical IoT

Wireless Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature Monitoring System -IoT Solutions

Blood Bank Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring

S265 + cord blood bank environmental monitoring

Hospital Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring IoT Solutions

IoT10x Wireless IoT Module Connect to BLIIOT FAQ

Smart Building IoT

S281 wisdom fire hydrant water pressure monitoring

Smart Mine IOT

4G Power Status Monitoring Alarm Used in Solar Panel

Boiler Safety Remote Monitoring Soltuion

D224 is applied to remote monitoring of CNC lathe

D223 remote acquisition scheme of non-standard automation equipment parameters

Monitoring Scheme of Fan Frequency Converter in DTU Aquaculture Farm

Temperature Monitoring
Air Compressor Monitoring IoT Solutions

Air Compressor Remote Monitoring Solution

Payment Info

Payment Information

Pumping Station IoT Solutions
Hospital Temperature Monitoring IoT Solutions
Freezer Temperature Monitoring IoT Solutions
Single Point Temperature IoT Solutions
Multiple Points Temperature IoT Solutions
Agricultural Greenhouse Remote Monitoring
Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring IoT Solutions
Factory Temperature Monitoring IoT Solutions
BMS Remote Monitorng System
BTS Diesel Generator IoT Solutions
Air Conditioner Monitoring IoT Solutions
BTS Monitoring System IoT Solution
BTS Monitoring System IoT Solution
Flow Meter IoT Solutions
Power Meter IoT Solutions

ISO9000 Quality System Certification

OPC UA IO Controller Copyright Certificate

2022 BACnet/IP Protocol Data Acquisition Software Copyright Certificate

2022 Edge IO Remote IO Controller Copyright Certificate

2022 PLC Protocol Data Acquisition System based on Linux Copyright Certificate

2022 Industrial IoT gateway BLRMS Remote Management System Copyright Certificate

2022 Industrial IoT Cloud Platform Copyright Certificate

2019 SGS Certificate

University-Enterprise R&D Cooperation

China SME Member Certificate

Cellular RTU Copyright Certificate

Excellent Product LoRa Gateway

KPIIOT Cloud Platform Copyright Certificate

IoT Module Patent Certificates

S47x Outstanding Products Medal

Wireless IoT modules Configuration software

Temperature Humidity Logger S26X software

Gate Opener RTU5024 software

Ethernet Remote IO Module MXXT software Copyright

Air Quality Monitoring IoT Solutions

S475 factory chimney gas emission monitoring

Small Weather Station Monitoring Solution

Small Weather Station Monitoring Solution

Smart Detection Scheme of S475 Meteorological Station

Traffic Light IoT Solutions

Intelligent Traffic Enforcement solution

Lora Temperature Data Logger
Smart Factory IoT Solutions
ATM IoT Solutions
Solar Power IoT Solutions
Wind Power Monitoring IoT Solutions
Greenhouse vegetables IoT Solutions

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MQTT Modbus Ethernet I/O Module M160 Replaced I/O Cards