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S272 Used to Monitor the Parameters of Aquaculture Recirculation System and Support Send an Alarm Through SMS

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Author : Jeakie
Update time : 2023-03-24 09:33:21
S272 is used to monitor the parameters of the aquaculture recirculation system and support send an alarm through SMS.

There are 6 AI ports on the BLIIOT Cellular M2M IoT RTU. Through these 6 AI ports, the analog signal output by the sensor is collected, and the threshold value and SMS alarm number are set in the configuration software. Relevant personnel call and send SMS.

University From Mexico, for the aquaculture recirculation system applied to the Institute of Oceanography.
Used in nutritional experiments of aquatic animals, such as shrimp, mackerel, perch, totaba, etc.

Water quality parameters that need to be monitored in recirculating mariculture include:

Dissolved oxygen: The dissolved oxygen in water directly affects the growth and survival of cultured organisms, so it needs to be monitored.

pH value: The pH value of the water body also affects the growth and survival of the cultured organisms and needs to be kept within an appropriate range.

Temperature: Water temperature has a direct impact on the growth and metabolism of cultured organisms and needs to be monitored and controlled.

Salinity: Salinity is one of the most important parameters in recirculating mariculture and needs to be kept within a suitable range.

Ammonia nitrogen and nitrite concentrations: These are hazardous substances that can have toxic effects on farmed organisms and need to be monitored.

Phosphate and silicate concentrations: Excessively high phosphate and silicate concentrations can lead to overgrowth of algae and require monitoring and control.

Suspended particulate matter: If the concentration of suspended particulate matter is too high, it will affect the transparency of the water body and the respiration of the cultured organisms, so it needs to be monitored.

Other organic substances: such as organic carbon, chemical oxygen demand, etc., also need to be monitored to ensure that the water quality meets the growth needs of cultured organisms.
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