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Temperature and Pressure Monitoring of S475 Oil Pipeline
Temperature and Pressure Monitoring of S475 Oil Pipeline

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Oil pipeline has the characteristics of large diameter, high pressure and large transmission capacity. Oil leakage occurs from time to time, which seriously threatens the safety of oil pipeline transmission line. Real-time collection and monitoring of temperature, pressure and concentration of combustible gas in pipeline can make leaks detected in time, reduce economic losses and reduce environmental pollution. 

Oilfield Leakage Monitoring
Information content: Traditional wired pipe network monitoring, high transmission line requirements, easy to generate blind spots in complex environments, and relying on manual periodic inspection, high cost and hidden danger. In order to ensure the safe operation of the pipe network, real-time remote monitoring of the entire pipe network is required. 

Real-time wireless acquisition and monitoring of temperature, pressure and flammable gas concentration of oil pipelines in oil fields, and uploading the data to the computer mobile phone monitoring center in real time to judge whether there is any crude oil leak in the pipeline. Staff can view, browse, and access data in real time through a PC or smartphone, and monitor the security status of the pipeline in real time. When an unexpected situation occurs, such as a sudden change in concentration, pressure, or temperature, the system automatically sends an alarm message to notify relevant personnel to take emergency measures against the location where there is a safety hazard, to avoid accidents, and to turn on or off the emergency equipment remotely.

system framework: 

Oil Pipeline Pressure Monitoring
[Applicable device model]: S275/DTU/S17X/S37X/S47X