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EtherCAT I/O System
EtherCAT I/O System
EtherCAT I/O system BL202 designed for Industrial Real-Time Ethernet, it adopts embedded Linux system, equips with Real-Time Ethernet interface chip and a dual-port memory,supports two communication channels for Real-Time Ethernet equipped with PHY or fieldbus, compatible with EtherCAT, fast SPI host interface with Read/Write functions.

EtherCAT I/O system BL202 supports dual network port cascade communication, and can support up to 32 IO modules, including AI, AO, DI, DO, RTD, TC, RS485, RS232, etc.,

EtherCAT I/O system BL202 integrates a Network controller for fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet slaves, suitable for creating a high-speed, stable and reliable Industrial Real-Time Ethernet networks and profinet fieldbus network.